Henri (Toni) Davis, MS, NCC, LPCC

Individual and Couples Counseling

Feeling sad?  Always anxious?  Problems with work or family?

At some point in our lives, we all experience problems we just can't handle on our own.  That's when counseling or psychotherapy might be the solution for you.  These problems can include relationship issues, job stress, job loss, financial struggles, loss of loved ones, and any other issue that causes anxiety, depression or a general sense of unhappiness or disconnection.

My treatment approach is a combination of cognitive-behavioral and person-centered therapy, but I can also use other approaches based on your individual needs.  I will accept and meet you where you are and begin to explore what's causing you trouble and develop a plan for improving your life.  Since counseling is about overall wellness, I believe a holistic approach is necessary.  So, in addition to exploring your issues and emotional concerns, we will consider other important factors, including your physical health, cultural influences, and spiritual beliefs. 

The thought of change can be scary and may seem impossible.  However, it is possible but just takes time, patience and support.  I am here ready to be that support whenever you are ready to begin your journey to feeling better.